Those Wonderful Toddler Years…

My youngest grandson is in his toddler years and I delight in him. His world is an adventure of discovery. He wants to taste, eat, smell and experience everything in his path. He is faster that a speeding bullet more powerful than a locomotive, Route 66 has nothing on him. Jesse is on the move and most of the time he walks to get to where he is going. Sometimes he seems like a toddler hurricane with gusty winds faster than Katrina and Ike combined. He has been known to blow through the house like a mighty wind.

I find that as my grandson’s toddling is tamed by the love and oversight of his parents. I find myself in the mist of a new but yet a familiar adventure. I can’t begin to tell you how often I have had to resist laughing at the most inappropriate times because Jesse is doing something just the way his dad did it at that age.

The truth is when my children went through a few rough patches as toddlers like          when they were teething or learning to walk. There were a few sleepless nights and a few times they had head on crashes with doors and walls. I remember with humor considering getting my son a helmet while he was learning to walk. I wondered if he was going to walk or fly.

As a young mom I didn’t think those,” I just want to pull my hair out kind of days” were fun and as a grandmother I still don’t. But as a seasoned mother I am more relaxed and confident that our little toddler will be just fine as he developes into becoming a big boy and his parents become pros at this parenting stuff. However I do find myself saying; I can’t believe I did that when my children were that age or how in the world did we ever get through their toddler years?

What is best for babies and toddlers has changed throughout the decades but the one thing that remains the same is the little ones are still teething and mothers still have those I just want to pull my hair out kind of days. When I ask myself how did I make it through parenthood?  I stop and remind myself it was all the love and hugs that we shared that got me through parenthood and them through their toddler years. Now they are loving and hugging their children and experiencing “those I just want to pull my hair out kind of days” and doing a terrific job. It’s amazing how much things change and yet how things still stay the same isn’t it?


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