A Poem Called Grandma Wings

This is a poem called ” Grandma Wings” author unknown. The other day when I read it I started to image what it would be like if grandmothers really had Grandma Wings. I hope that you enjoy reading this poem and my thoughts about it.


 I wonder where you keep your wings? Are they in your closet, with the rest of your stuff?  Do you put them away, and just use them at night?  Do give them to grandpa to polish up bright? I know you have wings, for this is true. Because God, always gives them to Angles like you!  I wish that I had a pair of wings. That would be awesome. Wouldn’t it?

Can you image?  The places we could go if you had angel wings? If I had angel wings, I would go to the heaven’s. I would ride with my grandkids grandpa, on his heavenly motorcycle. What would you do?

 We know that angels exist. We know God uses them, to send his messages and the angles meet among us. The holy angels never draw attention to them-selves. They typically do their work and disappear. We are told, that these heavenly beings are invisible. Being created by God for his service. They are mentioned 294 times, in more than half the Biblical books. The books record the activities of angels as serving as warriors, guardians,delivers, messengers, instruments of praise. It’s awesome, to read that grandmothers have a lot in common with angles? Isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “A Poem Called Grandma Wings

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