A Change Of Scenery

A change of scenery works wonders. Whether your home  has one room or twenty your home is your castle. But the more hours we spend inside our castle the more claustrophobic it can become as the walls grow ever closer they begin to squeeze out all the love.

 A breath of fresh air not only replenish’s your lungs but will inspire romance. If people even lovers are forced together long enough yawns begin to fill the air, tempers fray and love disappears. When the walls start their inward march and cabin fever set in there’s a simply prescription to restore your life and your love its a change of scenery.

It can be as simply as a walk around the block or as breathtaking as a trip around the world or anything in between. The important thing is to have a look at some new surroundings that will inspire you. It also won’t hurt if this trip involves a little exercise. When we get our physical heart pumping the good chemical reaction activity triggers will give a boost to your emotional heart. So even if you have to drive to reach your eventual destination, let your feet help you explore the area.

A Tip:If its pouring outside or there’s a blizzard raging take out some photos of one of your favorite vacations and use them to inspire the two of you. Then all you have to do is open the windows even a crack to add some freshly oxygenated air to complete you’re at home voyage. Bon Voyage!