Dare To Do Things Differently

As we go through life, there are danger signs everywhere: red lights and stop signs,speed bumps and blinking lights, and circles with a red line piercing our hearts.

When it comes to relationships, visible warning signs are few and far between. Sometimes the greatest perils come tiptoeing in sight unseen, and one of the most lethal of these sneaky assassins of ardor is boredom.

Before it drains the power of your love, sweep that gray fog of boredom aside by adding energy. In the same way the warming rays of the sun dissipate a fog, energy can pierce the grayness of your love. All you have to do is: converse, move, run, jump, ski, walk, go. It doesn’t matter where or how. All that matters is that you do something. The more you do, the further away you’ll push boredom, and the stronger your love and friendship will be. Beware, too, that sometimes boredom wears a disguise. It’s called routine. Routines are very necessary in life, especially when there’s so much to do, but they have a serious side effect, which is boredom.

The key to using routines wisely is to break them regularly instead of doing the expected, do the unexpected. If you always eat dinner at five, then one night a week, eat at eight or nine or ten. Every once in a while use your fingers instead of your fork and knife. If the thought creeps into your head to throw a grape at your love then do it!

 If you pass by him or her and they are washing their hands at the sink pull their pants down to their knees.  (Not in front of the kids). Sleep on the other side of the bed once in a while. Slip a $20 to a homeless person. Wear something unexpected to bed. Drive the long way home. It doesn’t matter what it is that you do that’s different it only matters that you do different things regularly.