When Eyes Meet

I love to read stories about how people met and fell in love. Most love stories start by telling us about the first time the characters eyes met.

The stories start with a glance. When a man and womans eyes meet from across the room or like in some of the 1940’s movies when man mets woman in a train station. Soon they communicate with words and then with their bodies but it was their eyes that made first contact. Eye contact is vital in every relationship isn’t it?  When spoken into space the words “I love you” lose half their meaning maybe even all of it. It’s when you say those words while looking into your partner’s eyes that they mean the most.

Our eyes can express feelings that words can’t. When your eyes say ” I missed you,” I adore you,” I’m angry with you,” or ” I trust you” your spouse knows how you really feel with or without words. And when you use your eyes with our words, they add an emphasis that can’t be missed.

So try to spend some time each day looking into each other’s eyes. You’ll be expressing yourselves in a way that words can’t duplicate. Tip: If your spouse can’t look into your eyes, there’s another type of message being communicated. Don’t ignore such a sign but try to get to the bottom of it. The earlier you spot trouble in a relationship and make repairs, the easier it will be. The story of life is quicker than a blink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye. ~ Jimi Hendrix