Best Friends Dance In The Moonlight

It is chance that makes sisters, but hearts that make friends. Our girlfriends are a reminder of the blessings that come from closeness and  sharing secrets. We Learn about life together. 

Our girlfriends are the ones who believe in us, the ones we can call on anytime, the ones who never lets us down. They fill a unique space in our lives. They have a piece of our very heart and soul and because of them we know without a doubt that love can get through anything.

Our girlfriends are the ones we feel whole with, the ones we share who we really are. They are the ones who know where we’re coming from. They are the ones who know all we’ve been through, and everything we dream about. We wouldn’t trade our friendships with them for anything. Nothing else could ever begin to bring us the contentment, the craziness, the laughter, and all the thousands of things we share. We understand that life isn’t always the brightest, and we take turns cheering each other up and sometimes we don’t need to apologize for our bad days.

Who else can we call at any hour of the day or night? Who else accepts and understands all of us no matter what comes along good or bad they’ll be there. Knowing this brings us great comfort. Doesn’t it?  We have a trust, honesty, and a history together that make us think of them as more than a friend.

They are the center of the circle of our lives and they are a precious part of so many yesterdays. With our girlfriends we don’t have to be fancy or talk in a special way. We don’t have to mind my manners or wear my best clothes and shoes. We don’t have to count calories or act like we are someone we aren’t. With our girlfriends we can cry or laugh out loud.

We can dance in the moonlight together. We can speak our mind or say nothing at all depending on our mood. We don’t have to try hard to impress them or think of important things to say. With our girlfriends everything is important. We can just be ourselves and we really appreciate that. Don’t we? 

 Girlfriends understand each other completely we will wear pretty dresses with flowers in our hair and hum songs to the beat of children’s laughter. We will say nothing at times and that silence will be our greatest solace. Other times we will talk for hours or until the sun sinks into night. We will remember then the days when life was defined by complexity and when we vowed our friendship would last a lifetime. Regardless if you are friends by chance or by heart don’t forget to dance in the moonlight!

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