People Are Like Turtles

Nothing can happen to a turtle when it’s inside its protective shell but a turtle can not stay put forever eventually it must stick out its neck to search for food and a mate.

 We all have a bit of the turtle in us wanting to stay safe and warm inside our shell. But if we’re going to get anywhere we must be like the turtle and dare to stick out our necks. Humans may not have physical shells to hide in but we can put up psychological barriers that are just as impervious.  At times it may seem easier to hide from life at least for a moment.

Just as a mature turtle’s shell doesn’t change a person’s psychological shell also hardens over time. As years go by it can become more and more difficult to let the real person shine through. At first they may only want their shell to shield them form the outside world but over time the ones who love them can start to feel excluded.

And if they stay in their shell their mate might leave them behind. When people are in turtle mode they need to remember to make others feel free to snuggle up in their shell occasionally but also make it a point of getting outside with them everyday. So be like a turtle and stick your neck out now and then.