Life And Difficulties

Most of us don’t enjoy the process of over coming difficulty, but we know it is a part of life.

Imagine for a moment, a wrestler who never wrestled against a live opponent, who never lifted weights or trained to increase his strength, and who never bothered to learn any defensive or offensive wrestling techniques.

Perhaps an appropriate name for this unfortunate person would be ” Mr. Wimpy.” The same scenario applies to would-be Olympic weight lifters who never increase the amount of weight they lift; to figure skaters who never graduate from the simple figure-eight routine; and the would-be physicists or theoretical mathematicians who avoid any difficult problems involving numbers and abstract concepts.

It seems that pressure, applied stress and systematic movement against resistance, over distance, around obstacles, or through barriers is necessary . How many times have you looked into the sky in times of crisis or struggle and said, Why me? Why now? Why here?  Everyone tends to reach a point in their season of suffering when they will have some questions about what is happening. It may be a situation that they face at the moment ( or one they faced in the past) in which things just don’t make sense.

It’s in the tought times of life that we find out what we’re really made of.” For some reason, people regard enthusiasm as an abnormal state in a normal life. Oddly enough, enthusiasm is highly regarded among bosses, businesses, and industries dependent on a steady supply of high-quality, high motivated leaders.

 Some people go through life constantly demanding their rights. One of the strangest rights  that they claim is the right to be sour and negative. They say, “Hey, I was born this way, I’ve always been this way, and I will always be this way. Now leave me alone.” Much of our comedy is focused around people who respond to life’s hard situations with cynical, biting comments about others and themselves. One of the milder jokes along this line goes, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I would have no luck at all!” 

 Are there any benefits from being unhappy?  Which do you think is more difficult for people, living with a positive outlook or a negative one?  It’s been said, that no matter what happens in life, we can choose how we respond to circumstances. Don’t just restrict your smile-time to ice cream times and those seasons when life seems sweet and creamy. 

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