Sing and Lighten Up

What lights up your life? Is it the sweet things, the beautiful small things that bring stinging half-tears to the edge of your eyes. What lifts your heart in the moment? What are the beautiful things you remember from two hours ago?

Such as a touching conversation with a stranger, her voice is like a the thin, broken feather of a bird. You feel her courage as she cried a little, when she told you about a song she wanted to write. It was about ordinary things, she said…like love. You find yourself caught up in her passion. Your emotions lightened up. You find yourself singing your favorite love song and remembering what you were doing the first time you heard the song. Before you know it you are not feeling as up set.

Sometimes life can seem miserable, serious, boring, and awful enough that you don’t have to be so uptight, logical, organized, responsible, and on-time-all-the time. Lighten up!  You might be thinking. Yeah, but what about… the dwindling dollar, the falling Dow Jones average, dog tags, medical problems, children’s shots, family, dirty dishes, cooking, children and their homework, marriage counseling, your aging parents and their problems, income tax, dental problems, the rent or mortgage payment, your teenaged children and their problems.

 Some people are wondering how they are going to survive the empty nest syndrome, divorce and the 2 million problems left over from your childhood that you still haven’t solved, not to mention  the answers to questions like; Where did we leave our shoes?  Where did we leave our car keys?  How do we remove that ugly stain on the carpet? The questions are endless aren’t they?

We never run out of things that have to be handled in life. And they will never give you joy. There will always be a few more clothes to pick up at the cleaners; the checkbook will always need to be balanced. Before, during, or after doing any of these things, you will not feel particularly happy, they won’t light up your life.  Take time and think about what you can do to lighten up during these times.

 During these times one way to lighten up is by taking a moment to remember how it feels when he, she, or your grandchildren did something silly, priceless, foolish, and made you laugh.

Remember to plan something fun after taking care of those boring responsibilities singing and dancing is a great way to lighten up. If your driving in your car you can’t stop to dance but you can turn the radio on and sing your blues away.

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