You’ve Got To Have High Hopes

Is the human heart the only source of its own healing?

Is the human conscience the only voice that whispers to us, when we are feeling bitterness and estrangement? 

Have you ever experienced an emptiness that happens when someone you loved and needed died?  

Did it seem like from somewhere, something came to fill your emptiness and mend you where you were broken?

 Was it only time that mended your broken heart?  Was it the resurging busyness of life that filled your emptiness and mended your heart or was it your faith in something other than yourself?

 Is it the human heart the only source of its own healing?  Is it only the unpredictable fluctuations of the human spirit that we have to thank? Can you think of a time when a strength and wisdom beyond your own kept you feeling hopeful? Despite your own withered heart.

To remember the past is to see that we are here today by grace, that we have survived as a gift. And what does that mean about the future? What do we have to hope for? Humanly speaking, we have only the human best to hope for: that we will live out our days in something like peace with the ones we love; that our best dreams might come true. 

To have faith is to remember and wait, and to wait in hope, is to have what we hope for has already began to come true in us through our hoping. Every once in a while, life can be very eloquent. You go along from day-to-day not noticing very much, not seeing or hearing very much. And then all of sudden, when you least expect it, something speaks to you with such power that it catches you off guard, makes you listen to it, if you want to or not. It seems to know you and wants to mend your wounds. It seems to know that what you are doing isn’t working for you. What is that voice?  I wonder… 

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