A Dream Is The Belief That You Can

Sometimes all you need to achieve a dream is the belief that you can, the resolve that you will, and the plan to make it happen.

When you have a dream and you can create a dream map that will help you make your dreams come true. There are many books written with exercises and resources with the goal of helping us to attain our goals and making our dreams come true. 

Our dreams whether they are dreams we have at night or the hopes and aspirations we have for our lives represent some of the most profound, protected and precious parts of ourselves. When we share them we immediately create intimacy because they are so private. Images from our sleep are a map of our unsuspected and uncensored selves they are messages to us from the deepest reaches of our unconscious. In the enigmatic language of our own private symbols and they can reveal the secrets we keep even from ourselves.

Telling your sweetheart your dreams is an act of self-revelation for in opening the door to your unconscious in this way you are allowing your partner to meet you at a special unguarded place, the place of magic that is often beyond common sense or even words. Whether or not your dreams make perfect sense to you or your partner ( and you don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to receive at least some of their meanings), being given a  view of your partners through this mysterious looking-glass is to be taken in to his or her spiritual privacy.

The same is true of the dreams that are our aspirations for in revealing our hopes and longings, we are at once most exalted and most vulnerable. In speaking of what we desire, we also reveal how we can be disappointed.

The fact that you always wanted to be a ballerina (and can’t even walk across the livingroom without banging into the wall) is something you don’t want everyone to know, but telling your partner is a way of opening up a sensitive part of yourself for nurturing.

None of us can live out all our dreams. Life isn’t long enough. And all we have more talents than time to explore them in. Although at the same level we realize that as my mother used to say. “You can’t do everything,” there is also a sense of loss attached to letting go of even our most ridiculous or offbeat dreams.

 When we share our unfulfilled dreams we are asking our loved ones to meet us un a place of vulnerability where we can be apprehended not only for who we are but also for who we would like to have been.

Revealing your dreams is an act of trust and it means you believe that the person who loves you desires to see you in your secret essence without being horrified or ashamed without making fun of you. It means you believe you can share your innermost secrets and that the person you love will still be there to comfort and love you unconditionally without judging you.