New Love Needs Time To Grow

It’s great to reach for the stars. Just don’t be disappointed if you only get as far as the moon. Love that detonates like an exploding star can disappear into the cosmos just as quickly. Love that grows slowly may never burn quite as brightly as a supernova, but it may deliver more energy over the long run. Remember it only takes a spark to start a raging fire. Many people are out there searching for their perfect soul mates. They may not know exactly what a soul mate is, but they think they’ll recognize the right person when he or she comes along.

Perfection is a wonderful goal. Always settling for second-best can lead to a lifetime of disappointment. But since nobody is perfect, you could spend a lifetime searching and wind up getting nowhere.

So you find a partner. Maybe he or she isn’t perfect or the one you pictured as your “Soul Mate,” but there is definitely some chemical reaction going on between you or you wouldn’t be together. Could it bubble or boil more strongly? Perhaps. Would that chemical reaction be stronger with someone else?  Maybe. But don’t be too quick to abandon a relationship because your partner doesn’t fit the definition of “Soul Mate.”

The French call that feeling of instantaneous love Le coup de foudre, the lightning bolt. Luckily, the odds of being hit by real lightning are small unless you live in Alabama.  Maybe unluckily, the odds of being hit by le coup de foudre are also small, but at least it’s not the only way to find true love.

We live in a world of instant gratification, and that often means we end up being less satisfied. Fast food doesn’t compare to a meal that took hours to prepare. Ready-to-wear clothes never fit as well as those that are hand tailored. So just because a relationship takes some work on the parts of both people to come together, it doesn’t mean that it’s filled with any less passion that one that sparked at a first glance. In the long run, it may actually provide a lot more heat than a relationship that starts off quickly but then peters out as fast as it began. Don’t expect to find an instant soul mate. New love needs time to grow, but when both people work at it, the rewards can be incredible.