Protect Your Soul

The journey of the soul is not all joy nor is it always consummated in the light. In life we make choices at every moment of what our soul’s destination shall be.

Just as in a dance one may move in any direction, forward, side to side, around and around or seem to be beautifully floating in the air. In life we are constantly through every infinitesimal increment of our behavior choose a direction the path our souls will take. If a man kills his wife and uses the legal system’s loopholes to escape conviction he has not only gotten away with murder he has lost his soul. He may be set free to return to the usual circumstances of his life but he will never be free.

 He will be a soulless man whose very existence is the embodiment of untruth. No matter how many people he may falsely convince himself in the light of the truth he is still condemned and will try insanely to convince himself of his own innocence, then surely his soul shall be lifted by the darkness around him.

There is no neutral moment or action in our experiences. Everything we do, every action we enact, every nuance of movement, each word we utter either creates the further illumination of our souls or moves us into a dark unconsciousness. Our souls can be utterly compromised and the potential for loss of soul to one degree or another can become an affliction of a society that as a collective has lost its sense of morals and ethics, of a culture that values everything else above the spiritual. Do we live in such a spiritually impoverished culture and in such a time that loss of soul to one degree or another is a constant teasing?

We seem to be invited at every corner to hedge on the truth, indulge ourselves, act as if our words and actions have no ultimate consequence, make an absolute of the material world, and treat the spiritual as it were an unsubstantial, angelic fantasy. In such a world a man can lose his own soul and have the world culture support him, and in such a world conversely the light of a single great soul that lives in integrity can truly illumine the world.