A Positive Attitude Changes Everything

Although happiness and life satisfaction are relatively new areas of psychology studies. A current research suggests that there is more to being happy in life than external objects like cars, luxury homes, and all the must-have gadgets money can buy. The results agree with the nine requisites that Johann Wolfgang von Goetheeighteenth century playwright wrote of.

First was health, in order to make work a pleasure and then came wealth to support one’s needs. Other factors on his list included strength to deal with difficulty, grace to confess and abandon sin, patience, charity, love and hope. What does it take for you to feel that things are going well and that you are flouring?  How happy are you? Answer the questions in this fun, short quiz to discover your level of happiness and how contentment you are with your life.

1. How satisfied are you with your personal relationships (that is, with family, friends, and spouse or significant other)? A. Very satisfied with my personal relationships. B. I am neither satisfied nor dissatisfied but feel fortunate to have them. C. I am dissatisfied.

2. If you could change your life in any way you wanted, how much of it would you change? A. I am happy with my life and the choices I’ve made, B. I would change several things if I saw that certain areas would work better once I’d made improvements. C. I would change a lot; nothing in my life seems to be working.

3. Thinking about the level of stress in your life, how would you rate the level of stress you feel? A. Low; not much stresses me out. B. Medium; the stressors in my life are not constant but ebb and flow. C. High; most of the time it seems tha my life is driven by high drama and unrelenting stress.

4. Comparing your life to that of most other people, how would you describe yours? A. I am extremely fortunate. B. I am somewhat fortunate. C. My life is the pits.

5. How much would you change your physical appearance if you had no monetary or other restrictions? A. Nothing: I am content with the way I look. B. A little nip here and a tuck there could make a vast improvement. C. I’d change my whole appearance, get the works.

6. How happy or satisfied are you in your choice of job or career? A. I am extremely satisfied with my choice for my life’s work. B. I am somewhat satisfied, but I might be tempted to switch jobs in the future. C. I hate my job, and it’s a drag having to show up for work every day.

7. When you think about all the various aspects of your life, how would you rate your satisfaction with your life in general? A. I am highly satisfied with my life. B. I am moderately satisfied with my life but planning to make a few small changes to improve it. C. I am totally dissatisfied with my life; it sucks.

8. Rate how difficult or easy it is for you to achieve personal goals.  A.  I frequently set goals, stay focused and finish what I start: My goals are usually easy to reach. B. I sometimes set goals and although many are challenging I strive to attain them. C. I resist setting goals since I never seem to attain them.

9. Comparing your life to that of most other people, in general how do you feel about yours? A. I feel extremely fortunate. B. I feel somewhat fortunate. C. I feel dissatisfied with my life and can’t understand why nothing ever seems to go my way.

10. Imagine your ideal life. How close do you feel you are having your ideal? A. I am living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it, so I’d say that I’m close to having the perfect life. B. I’m still tweaking with areas of my life. Since there’s always room for improvement, I’d say I am somewhat close to having my ideal life. C. My life at present is not close at all to what I’d like my ideal life to be.

Reasons to learn how to take the positive path to happiness

 Becoming an optimist sees the miraculous and the extraordinary existing alongside the ordinary in their daily life and is frequently pushing themselves outside the boundaries of their comfort zones in order to have personal growth, spiritual renewal, and happiness.

If you want to find happiness and add years to your life choose positive thoughts over negative ones, you are more likely to develop an optimistic outlook on life. According to happiness researchers such as Martin E.P. Seligmann, director of the Positive psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania and Barbara Fredrickson, PhD,  professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,  positive people generally have higher levels of optimism and life satisfaction and live longer.

 In a BBC News report, Dr. Selligman was quoted as saying that he believed that “we” have compelling evidence that optimists and pessimists will differ markedly in how long they live and Dr. Fredrickson has counseled that changing your mind-set can change your body chemistry. She has stated that positive feelings literally can open the heart and mind. And there’s more good news even if you aren’t normally a happy person, thinking happy thoughts is a skill that can be learned.

 Anyone can learn to the art of being an optimist and choosing to think positive thoughts. You can start seeing the proverbial glass half full rather than half empty. Here are a couple of ways to start changing how you react and think. The next time you are in line at the post office and someone cuts in front of you or says something rude, resist the urge to respond with anger, which can clamp down your blood vessels and increase your blood pressure.

This suggestion might up set you but it’s worth it to experience peace of mind. Instead return rudeness with kindness and respect. Keep that positive vibe going through your intentions and actions in whatever you do. The more frequently you choose to be happy, the more your effort will be strengthened. So don’t fret; be happy and live longer.

Now’s the time to love the life you live and it’s time to go from blah to blissful. So c’mon, get happy!

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