“Giving And Recieving Help Is A Sign Of Love”

Call Her SweetheartGiving help is a sign of love. The person who comes to your aid and is living proof that your lives are shared and that the two of you want to be there for the other with your time, your energy, and your knowledge.

So look at a cry for help as an opportunity to prove the strength of your love to each other. And never be afraid to ask for help… not from the one you love and who loves you. It can be difficult to ask for it. You don’t want to appear weak or stupid. You don’t want to be turned down or put down. You don’t want to be yelled at or ignored. You don’t want to lose face or have a face made at you again.

But once you cry for assistance and that helping hand is next to yours, it’s  such a relief and it makes you wonder why you waited so long to ask. There’s no better feeling than to ask for help and be told that help is on the way. Especially if it comes with two strong hands, a wealth of expertise, a blanket of caring, and you see, giving and receiving help is a sign of love.

“Do Activities With Your Sweetheart”

Dinner For TwoCouples who do things together are couples who have good relationships. If they’re schussing down the slopes or batting tennis balls across a net or scouring the countryside for antiques or cooking up a storm in the kitchen or spending a leisurely day at home together or building a house for Habitat for Humanity or singing in a choir or running a business together. . .  then you can be almost certain that their love is strong.

It’s not that you must spend every minute of your lives in each other’s company to have a good relationship. Every individual needs some space, but the more you bathe in each other’s aura, the stronger the ties that bind will be.

Just because you’re drawing breath in the same room doesn’t mean that you’re together. Passive time, like sleeping in the same bed, watching the same glowing TV all night, reading different  sections of the same newspaper, or taking on the phone to other people, doesn’t build a relationship. To brew a strong relationship, you must mix both the quantity and the quality of the time you  spend together.

When choosing activities to do together you are planning for the long haul. There will come a time when your children have left the nest and you’ll want to be able to fill the time with activities you both enjoy.