“Love is Gentle, Kind and Patient”

Newly WedsGentleness can be everywhere: in what we say, in how we move, in the people and circumstances we quietly choose to bless ourselves with. It is moving easily instead of roughshod through life, speaking with kindness rather than blurting things; making room for the stranger who arrives, the beautiful things that unexpectedly happens.

Gentleness is the soft virtue, the cloudy featherless of spirit that allows you to move forward toward the person you love, and through each circumstance you face, in an easy, graceful, and gracious manner touching delicately, listening openly, feeling with empathy, seeing with eyes of compassion. Gentleness eases the way, adds refinement and grace to the journey , softens the blows, cushions the sorrow, lightens the burdens.

Kindness is the sweet virtue. It soothes and calms and renews. It remembers and adds touches of color like a rainbow or a bouquet of spring flowers. It offers the unmasked-for word, the spirit-cleansing compliment, the nurturing embrace. It is soft; it reaches out to mend and amend. Can I help you?  Is there anything I can do? I’m sorry. I hope things will change. Kindness is the unnecessary necessity, the unasked-for moment of beauty that adds a hopeful texture to every measure of our lives.

Patience is a quiet virtue, the ability to willingly wait for what is unseen to gradually be made manifest. Patience is faith, the conviction that what you imagine, need, or believe to be the highest fulfillment of how you think things ought to be for yourself, for your relationships, for the whole amazing span of your life, will gradually and beautifully reveal itself in time.

Patience with one another is also a quietness of spirit, a deep inner knowing that rests secure in the knowledge that you are on the right journey, that your sweetheart, and that no matter the pitfall or detours , you can stand at his side, be in her presence, quietly waiting. . .  with patience.

Love waxes and wanes with the seasons, with out hormones, and our circumstances, but love of the heart and soul must be constantly nourished and tended to. Patience gives us hope for the future; gentleness gives us grace in the moment; kindness dissolves the wounds of the past. Be gentle, kind and patient with one another and watch your love beautifully flourish.

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