“Begin Your Journey Toward Truth Today”

plant your own gardenTruth is a journey toward it’s self and it includes an empathetic moment when we surrender, expressing our own urgent truths in order to be with another during the unfolding of his, or her truths. To live the truth is to be aware that, as your context changes, so will your view of the truth and the range of the truth that your heart and soul can contain.

Your truth may not be now what it once was or what it will be in the future; but it is your duty to live and speak your truth of the moment and to be willing to change it, should some larger truth be revealed to you.Finding Joy

In relationships we begin with the small truths that  are true at the moment for us and speak them, in love, to the persons we love.Happy Couple We start with our stories, our needs, our hope, and our dreams, then move on, through the many and varied vicissitudes of our ever-unfolding personal selves, toward the truth that embraces us all.

For the ultimate truth is immense; it swallows up all other truths, our little individual truths, the contradictions we all are living, and even the bigger truths of paradox and dogma, of principles and rules.Right Or Wrong

There is nothing purer than the truth, it stands inviolate on its own merit, searing through falsehood and equivocation, shining brilliant as the spiritual totem around which our whole lives are organized.

The truth is indivisible, stunning, eternal, the alpha and the omega of our mortal human existence. Nothing less than the truth can ever pass for it. Begin your journey toward truth today.

 Search for the truth inside you that is longing to be expressed and find the words to speak it. See the truth that stands in your midst, that is carried , embodied, and spoken by all your strangers and friends.Your Journey Is Your Own

Live the higher truth as you know it, as it is revealed to you, through art, in music, in literature, in nature, and in God given dreams. Receive the truth that surrounds you, for truth is the ultimate light. Align yourself with the truth, for to live your life in truth is to live in perfect freedom.God Moments Begin your journey today!