Would You Renew Your Wedding Vows?

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Wedding VowsA promise is a promise right? If you swore to love for life once why do it again?  The first answer could be: Why not? What harm could it do? Is it the vow itself that is the question? Ah, there’s the rub. You walked down the aisle together once. It was a great day; so great that it could never be repeated. And the knot you tied that day became a gnarl of attachment: kids, deeds, photo albums, possessions galore. So how could you ever part? But if you had to do it all over again, would you? That’s the question that begs answering when second or third wedding vows are on the horizon.

If the answer is “Yes,” then sure, say “I do, I do, I do.” If you answer is “I don’t know, ” then don’t ignore the warning signs. Your feelings for each other will have…

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Searching Mr.Right

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Women LookingIt’s great to reach for the stars but don’t be disappointed if you only get as far as the moon. Love that detonates like an exploding star can disappear into the cosmos just as quickly. Love that grows slowly may never burn quite as brightly as a supernova. but it may deliver more energy over the long run. Remember: It only takes a little spark to start a raging forest fire. Many people are out there searching for their perfect soul mates. They may not know exactly what a soul mate is, but they think they’ll recognize the right person when he or she comes along. Perfection is a wonderful goal. Always settling for second-best can lead to a lifetime of disappointment. But since nobody is perfect, you could spend a lifetime searching and wind up getting nowhere.

So you find a partner. Maybe he or she isn’t perfect…

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It’s The Little Things You Do That Build Great Big Love

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Cookin In The KitchenGrand gestures are fun and they can make your heart soar. But if they only happen once or twice a year, what’s the fun in that? Little gestures are not as splashy and they may even go noticed. But if weren’t for the raindrops, the ocean wound soon be empty. So let your drops of love rain down. When someone loses their sweetheart whom they’ve loved dearly, it’s not the grand gestures that they miss, it’s the little things.

It’s the nightly smile and cup of tea, It’s checking that the front door is locked. It’s the flowers in the vase. It’s getting up in the middle of the night to let the dog out. It’s loading and turning on the dishwasher in the morning. It’s the hugs and holding hands. It’s the good night kisses. Babysitting the kids go she can have a girls night out or her encouraging…

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They Say Love Conquers All

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Love Needs Time To GrowThey say that love conquers all, but that’s not really true. Some burdens are so heavy that even love gives away. Sometimes love does grow stronger because of adversity; sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until you’re in danger of losing it. So don’t stall. Give it your all today, before something goes wrong, before you have regrets, before you’re filled with guilt. 

Think about someone who lost their entire family in some freak accident of nature, no matter how happy you are today, tragedy can strike at any moment. Even if you do draw together because of tragic events, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the tragedy won’t win out in the end.

If you’re not the demonstrative type, don’t let that stop you from sharing the feelings you have for those you love. Write them a note, or go out of your way to do something special for them. If they’re close…

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Remember The Romantic Days Of Falling In Love

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Bride and GroomIn the bash and crash of daily life , it’s very easy to forget why you love one another: she comes home late for six nights in a row, he’s been short-tempered  and surely no one has said any thing sweet for what seems like ten weeks. It’s at times like that we need to remember the romantic days of falling in love.

In order to nourish and refresh your relationship,try reminding yourself from time to time about the happy hours of your early love. Every love has the ravishing early moments of romance, the sunset walking along the pier, the tear-washed face of good-bye at the international airport, the stolen kisses when your love was still a secret. It’s what you experienced in these moments that you need to remember and share.

Maybe you saw her walking in the garden at the house where you were visiting and her…

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Be An Artist At Love

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Woman In RedYou don’t need any special skills to be an artist at love. You just need to always need to always be aware that you are a lover at heart. A painter  mixes colors up with various shades. You must do the same because even love can be boring if it becomes too monotone. So some days, even if you’re not feeling like overly romantic, turn up the heat. Shout “I love you” across the room.

Put a little more oomph into that hug. Not only will your sweetheart appreciate your use of the brighter colors in your palette, but it will probably change your mood as well. Since you “fall” in love, many people treat love as if it were some beast over which they have no control. But you have more say over your emotions than you think. Watch a say movie and you will cry. Dance to your favorite song…

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Trust One Another

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He loves herLove that is built upon trust creates an atmosphere in which love can flourish. Trust is the sense that you’re safe with one another, that in your moments of vulnerability, weakness, or great glory, you will not be betrayed. Trust starts from the position of believing that your sweetheart is motivated to a deep concern for you and that he or she, in spite of occasional missteps or mistakes, truly has your well-being in mind.

When you trust and believe that your sweetheart loves you dearly and intends to love you well and long then trust can imagine the best; trust expects the happiest possible outcome. Trust serves with joy in the expectation that trust will be returned. Trust develops trust and acknowledges that you trust the person you love with your life, with your heart, your body and talents, your fears, your children, your worldly goods and it invites…

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