Your Home Is Your Castle

Celebrate The Exceptional

Good TimesWhether it has one room or twenty, your home is your castle. But sometimes your castle can become claustrophobic  and start to feel like the walls  are moving in closer and romance is moving further away.  Doing something as simple as going outside together and getting some fresh air not only replenishes your lungs but can inspire your romance. If people even lovers, are forced together long enough, yawns begin to fill the air, tempers fray, and love disappears.

When the walls start their inward march and cabin fever sets in, there’s a simple prescription to restore your life and your love: a change of scenery. It can be as simple as a walk around the block or as breathtaking as a trip around the block or as breathtaking as trip around the world or anything in between. The important thing is to have a look at some new surroundings that will…

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