Be An Artist At Love

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Woman In RedYou don’t need any special skills to be an artist at love. You just need to always need to always be aware that you are a lover at heart. A painter  mixes colors up with various shades. You must do the same because even love can be boring if it becomes too monotone. So some days, even if you’re not feeling like overly romantic, turn up the heat. Shout “I love you” across the room.

Put a little more oomph into that hug. Not only will your sweetheart appreciate your use of the brighter colors in your palette, but it will probably change your mood as well. Since you “fall” in love, many people treat love as if it were some beast over which they have no control. But you have more say over your emotions than you think. Watch a say movie and you will cry. Dance to your favorite song…

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  1. Thank you,for re-posting your stories.. a great idea. I just found them in a new area of gmail. I am taking the artist love to the Bridge Club to share with the artist that I work with. Keep up the great work sister-woman. Love you Sis

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