Remember The Romantic Days Of Falling In Love

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Bride and GroomIn the bash and crash of daily life , it’s very easy to forget why you love one another: she comes home late for six nights in a row, he’s been short-tempered  and surely no one has said any thing sweet for what seems like ten weeks. It’s at times like that we need to remember the romantic days of falling in love.

In order to nourish and refresh your relationship,try reminding yourself from time to time about the happy hours of your early love. Every love has the ravishing early moments of romance, the sunset walking along the pier, the tear-washed face of good-bye at the international airport, the stolen kisses when your love was still a secret. It’s what you experienced in these moments that you need to remember and share.

Maybe you saw her walking in the garden at the house where you were visiting and her…

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