They Say Love Conquers All

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Love Needs Time To GrowThey say that love conquers all, but that’s not really true. Some burdens are so heavy that even love gives away. Sometimes love does grow stronger because of adversity; sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until you’re in danger of losing it. So don’t stall. Give it your all today, before something goes wrong, before you have regrets, before you’re filled with guilt. 

Think about someone who lost their entire family in some freak accident of nature, no matter how happy you are today, tragedy can strike at any moment. Even if you do draw together because of tragic events, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the tragedy won’t win out in the end.

If you’re not the demonstrative type, don’t let that stop you from sharing the feelings you have for those you love. Write them a note, or go out of your way to do something special for them. If they’re close…

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