You Are Two Unique Individuals With Different Dreams

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LoveYou’re not Siamese twins. You’re not supposed to be identical. Each of you have different dreams, assorted appetites, various views, and distinct desires. You may be one couple, but you are also two unique individuals. For your relationship to work and your love to flourish, you also must be equal partners. Couplelom is complex, and so equality has many meanings. One partner is always stronger, smarter, sexier, or more attractive, but that doesn’t mean that the other isn’t also strong, smart, sexy, or attractive.

It’s a balance, and once you start working together, you will find that you both become even stronger, smarter, sexier, and more attractive because you are better together. If the relationship is unbalanced or one partner tires to dominate, then the other is diminished and so is the partnership. Then both partners will lose, because as the relationship weakens, so does each partner.

So even though you’ll both always be different, try to balance the power. That way you each…

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