Friendship Is Beautiful

Moments With Friends

Lovely Lady Do you think that your  best friend is beautiful inside and out? Have you told her lately?  Maybe she’s not  beautiful by the worlds standards but by the standards of what really makes her a beautiful friend to you. Take a few minutes and tell her.  Here are a few reasons that makes our friends beautiful to us.  It is because every time you talk to her she has a smile on her face and never a scowling look.

Is it because she is sensitive to your needs and treats you with kindness? Is it because she is proud of your accomplishments and accepting of your faults? Is it because she allows you to be yourself and in her eyes you are beautiful?  Is it because she has seen you when your hair is a mess and you haven’t put on any makeup yet and she still tells you how…

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Best Friends Can Stay Connected On Facebook

Moments With Friends

Friends do silly things togethter

The first thing in the morning, my best friend is on my mind and as the day goes on her smile is present. I hear her laughter even as though there are no mile between us. And when the day is over I reflect with loving thoughts of her. I especially remember the times we spent talking and laughing while walking along the sea-shore  while freely sharing what was on our minds. Back then it was about our children, husbands, jobs,  and everything from what to cook for dinner to world news. Hows Big Dog doing? or What should I wear to Jennifer’s wedding? 

I think about all the birthdays, Christmas‘s and vacations that our families spent together? Even though we are miles apart when I look at the photos of us together it seems like there are no miles between us and we still have all the time in the world to talk about our…

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Fridays With Friends

Moments With Friends

Cooking In The KitchenAs the pressures of life intensify, sometimes the difference between going after a dream and remaining passive is having someone say, ” I believe in you!”  That is what our Fridays with friends group did. We believed in each other! As always, we arrived Friday at 6:00 Lynn in her cozy sweatpants , Jane adorned with a purse that was bigger than her, Sue wearing her favorite pink tank top with one of the Disney character on it and then there was me in my blue jeans and boots.

I always brought dessert, it was my time for experimenting and they were willing to be my Ginny pigs. Lynn always provided the main dish and they were always delicious.  Jane movies and music, and Sue was the master decorator out of the four of us. She always brought scented candles, flowers and what ever else her creative mind came up with. We took turns bringing the drinks sometimes wine some times chocolate milk, it…

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We Love Grandparenting And Laughter

Sweet Little GirlPractice laughing it works. Deliberately think of a funny incident or joke, or ask your grandchild to tell you one of theirs. Don’t wait for laughter to come to you . . . make it happen. And smile on purpose. Even if you don’t feel like it, just using those muscles in your face actually signals your brain to release the chemicals that make you happy. So when it comes to smiles, follow that saying,”fake it until you make it!” Besides, the more you smile, the more everyone around you will smile and the more relaxed you’ll all be. 

The grand-parenting stresses in our lives are now part of our lives, and so are their symptoms. We cannot ignore them, must not feel guilty about them, and should not let them overwhelm us. The time to take care of yourself is now! The time to enjoy your life is now! I’ve seen that there is no single “right way” to grandparent. Just make sure that you’re not on automatic pilot or playing a role written by others. Make sure the way you are grand-parenting is the way you want to grandparent. If its’ not, change it . . . to your way.

Although there are probably as many different types of grandparents as there are grandparents, here is a few basic archetypes, which one, or more sounds familiar? The Enforce, The Spoiler, The Executive, The Globetrotter ( world traveler and include your grandchildren), The Environmentalist, The Buddy, and then there is The Pushover, The Cuddler,The Coach, and The Counselor, just to name a few, and I am sure that you add more. The archetypes are fun and help us to take a look at ourselves, recognize ourselves, smile at ourselves, compare ourselves to our parents and grandparents, and to make more deliberate and conscious choices about how we want to grandparent. 

All “types” are created equal. Different,  but equal. so type doesn’t matter, so long as you are loving and supportive. Roll around on the floor with them or read to them a story, both work. Get involved in whatever they are passionate about or get them excited about your interests both are great. Tuck them in  and read to them or let them stay up and watch TV with them both are special. As long as you are teaching your grandchildren about love, life, and happiness by example, your way is the right way . . .  for you and for your grandchildren.

Is Love Really Better When It Sneaks Up On You?

Celebrate The Exceptional

It happened one night Spontaneous romantic moments are wonderful so grab them when  they come your way. But is love really better when it sneaks up on you? Can’t an hour or so be just as romantic if it is foreshadowed by texting  sweet nothings to your sweetheart? There is one ingredient that spontaneous romance lacks and that is anticipation.

If you know in advance that at a particular hour you’ll be staring into each other’s eyes, you  can interrupt your day with thoughts about those up coming moments. They by the time you’re in each others arms, the experience will be that much sweeter.

Plus, planned romance lacks one of spontaneous romance’s side effects: rejection. ” I’m just not in the mood” or “But it’s the biggest game of the year” are excuses you won’t hear when the appointed hour arrives.  So grab those spontaneous moments when they come your way, don’t count…

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