Is Love Really Better When It Sneaks Up On You?

Celebrate The Exceptional

It happened one night Spontaneous romantic moments are wonderful so grab them when  they come your way. But is love really better when it sneaks up on you? Can’t an hour or so be just as romantic if it is foreshadowed by texting  sweet nothings to your sweetheart? There is one ingredient that spontaneous romance lacks and that is anticipation.

If you know in advance that at a particular hour you’ll be staring into each other’s eyes, you  can interrupt your day with thoughts about those up coming moments. They by the time you’re in each others arms, the experience will be that much sweeter.

Plus, planned romance lacks one of spontaneous romance’s side effects: rejection. ” I’m just not in the mood” or “But it’s the biggest game of the year” are excuses you won’t hear when the appointed hour arrives.  So grab those spontaneous moments when they come your way, don’t count…

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