Best Friends Can Stay Connected On Facebook

Moments With Friends

Friends do silly things togethter

The first thing in the morning, my best friend is on my mind and as the day goes on her smile is present. I hear her laughter even as though there are no mile between us. And when the day is over I reflect with loving thoughts of her. I especially remember the times we spent talking and laughing while walking along the sea-shore  while freely sharing what was on our minds. Back then it was about our children, husbands, jobs,  and everything from what to cook for dinner to world news. Hows Big Dog doing? or What should I wear to Jennifer’s wedding? 

I think about all the birthdays, Christmas‘s and vacations that our families spent together? Even though we are miles apart when I look at the photos of us together it seems like there are no miles between us and we still have all the time in the world to talk about our…

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