Fridays With Friends

Moments With Friends

Cooking In The KitchenAs the pressures of life intensify, sometimes the difference between going after a dream and remaining passive is having someone say, ” I believe in you!”  That is what our Fridays with friends group did. We believed in each other! As always, we arrived Friday at 6:00 Lynn in her cozy sweatpants , Jane adorned with a purse that was bigger than her, Sue wearing her favorite pink tank top with one of the Disney character on it and then there was me in my blue jeans and boots.

I always brought dessert, it was my time for experimenting and they were willing to be my Ginny pigs. Lynn always provided the main dish and they were always delicious.  Jane movies and music, and Sue was the master decorator out of the four of us. She always brought scented candles, flowers and what ever else her creative mind came up with. We took turns bringing the drinks sometimes wine some times chocolate milk, it…

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