Have The Courage To Say “No”

You Are Not A Trash Can

Don't marry the wrong personHaving the courage to say “No’ means that you trust yourself and your relationship. It means you believe your bond has the strength and resilience to absorb your “No,” as well as the power, as a consequence to grow in well being, in moral fortitude. In saying “No” you exercise that faith, that the two of you, together, can live by the values represented by our No; recognizing that theses values will take you to a level higher that the one embodied by the things that you are choosing to resist. 

Sure, you could have five more drinks and lose consciousness. Yes, you could tell a lie and lose your integrity, Yes, you could capitulate to all your sweethearts preferences and then resent him or her because you did. We are defined in life and in love not only by what we have the fortitude to undertake but also by what we have the courage to resist. In…

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Smoke Screens

People who posses a critical spirit have certain characteristics that are camouflaged

You Are Not A Trash Can

You Got To Be KiddingSome criminals use smoke screens when they commit crimes. Setting off a smoke bomb serves as camouflage, a diversion and a covering for illegal behavior. Smoke screens are specifically designed to obscure, confuse, and mislead. Can you think of a time when someone used a smoke screen to divert attention away from their own flaws? Hiding their wrongs behind a “wall of smoke” is their way of avoiding having to own their bad behaviors. Sometimes when they realize that the smoke screens aren’t working they’ll attack your self-worth by pointing out your faults. 

Leaving you with a critical spirit that focuses on your faults and the faults of others in trying to increase your sense of self-worth. A critical spirit is evident based on a combination of classic characteristics that critical people exhibit. The following list will help you recognize and better understand those who a critical spirit or mouth. Here is a list you…

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Create Your Canvass Of Love

It’s the little things that you can do everyday that will help keep your love strong

You Are Not A Trash Can

LoveSome days you may push love aside. Other times love may push you around. Just make certain in your heart and in your head that you are working in unison when creating your canvass of love. since you “fall” in love, many people treat love as if it were some strange beast over which they have no control. But you have more say over your emotions than you think. Watch a sad movie and you’ll cry. Dance to your favorite tune and your spirit will soar. You can have a similar effect on the setting of your love dial.

While love can be overwhelming at times, or so subtle you can’t tell it’s their, that doesn’t absolve you from using self-control. Even if you are head over heals in love, you should keep some control, or you risk driving away the person you adore. There are times to go overboard and other times to bank that…

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Flannel May Be Warm And Fuzzy, But It’s Not Romantic

What does your wardrobe say about you?

Celebrate The Exceptional

love couple sitting on a benchThey used to say that clothes made the man or woman, but not everyone believes that anymore. People may dress up when going out, but the home front can be a sore for sighted eyes. Sure you want to be comfortable at home. Who wants to think about what to wear when no one can see you? No one except your sweetheart, that is. Clothes that are holey, frayed, billowing, bulging, or hanging aren’t sexy. Instead of wearing clothes that are worn and boring, try to find some that are stylish and comfortable. Maybe even just a little sexy.

And while you’re at it, just because you’re under the covers, it doesn’t mean that you’re invisible. Flannel may be warm and fuzzy, but it’s not romantic  . . . especially if there are layers upon layers of it. You don’t want to be chilly, but you also don’t want  to be unavailable. What you wear…

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Stop Being A People Pleaser and Become The Authentic You!

You are never to old to become the authentic you

You Are Not A Trash Can

Be RealPerhaps as a child you were told not to toot your own horn, even when you accomplished something amazing. Or maybe you were told to stop dreaming of setting the world on fire, and “have modest aspirations, so you wouldn’t be disappointed.” Maybe when you try to express your authentic self you hear an old voice berating you for “being a show off.” Yet at the same time, out of the corner of your eye you see it was the big gestures that got all the attention in life. Glamour. Fame, Wealth. The trinity of what’s considered good taste and worshiped by the world. Or at least that’s the way the international best-dressed lists, the movie stars’ mansions that are glorified in glossy layouts. It’s not enough to write a finely honored first novel, it has to be a best-seller or you’ll have difficulty publishing a second one. 

You can’t just be a talented actress, you…

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What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive

Wanted: A Shoulder to Cry On

You Are Not A Trash Can

Don't Let A Bad Day Make You Think You Have A Bad LifeAre you doing the right things but in a relationship with someone who isn’t?  Remember the saying, “What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”? Talk about stress and complexities! When we don’t live our lives according to our moral standard . . . when we make all of our decisions based on a sliding scale designed by someone else  . . . when we give them permission to lie or twist the truth  . . . our lives can get really complicated, really fast. When we allow ourselves to just go along with someone to get along we can start to become unglued faster than we ever thought. 

On, the other hand, when we live by a healthy moral code, things get so much simpler. Should I tell the cashier that the one cup cake pan sheet rang up is actually two stuck together? If you live by a moral…

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You’re Not A Trash Can

A critical spirit tears down unmet needs but a caring spirit builds others up according to their inner needs . . . no one should allow themselves to be used as a trash can, dumpster or a trash compacter. Thanks what I think

You Are Not A Trash Can

The Girl In YellowThe statement you’re not a trash can mean that you are allowing someone with or without recognizing their behaviors to provoke you into emotional patterns that are not good for you. Think about this when someone is dumping into you all their negativity and emotions or  belittling you . . .  It’s as if they are vomiting into a trash can but instead of a trash can you are a human being who deserves to be treated in a respectful way, in a kind and loving way. If you have lost the ability to treat the ones you love with respect, kindness, and love then maybe you should stop and take a hard long look into yourself and get to the root of why you are not able to be kind, loving or respectful and stop using people like trash cans.

Allowing yourself to be used as a trash can…

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