Try Walking A Mile In Your Sweetheart’s Shoes

It is because in the “we” of union that the individual “I” becomes ever more beautifully defined that we inter into relationships in the first place. Somewhere, intuitively , we all know that love will make more of us than we ever would have become on our own. So try walking a mile in your sweethearts shoes

Celebrate The Exceptional

Love In BloomOne of the great pitfalls in any relationship is to use the other person as a handy-dandy dartboard for all the things that are irritating you. It’s easy to fall into the habit of blaming them for everything that goes wrong, and/or expecting them to make everything right. In order to avoid succumbing to this unkind position, try walking a mile in your sweetheart’s. Walking a mile in your sweetheart’s shoes means that you will put yourself in their place, allow their experience to penetrated your consciousness, and feel it deeply enough so that you can console one another if necessary and not blame each other if tempted.

So, anytime you’re sure he or she is at fault for your bad mood, the broken computer, the leak in the roof, or the fact that life is boring, try putting yourself in his or her place. Imagine that your are she and bring to mind the myriad of stresses, insults,assaults,disappointments, and disasters, miniscule and gigantic, that are now besetting her life. Take a minute to think…

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