Be A Person Of Your Word And Abide In Love

Remember your relationship is a precious thing that deserves to be preserved. It you want to abide in love keep your word and promises

Celebrate The Exceptional

Joy S tay in love and be  a person of your word will build a fortress of trust in your relationship,  and that trust will allow you to truly savor the words of love and praise that are the hallmark of abiding love. So, aside from exceptions that are unavoidable: you promised to go to his collage reunion, and you came down with the flu the night before: you’d said you’d meet him at seven, but the car had a flat. Make every effort to mean and do what you say.

Words and the way our actions do or don’t stand behind their meaning have an incredible capacity to wound us or to heal us. In a very real sense, words create reality. We all invest one another’s words with our own hopes, fears, and expectations. Therefore, to keep your love alive, be a person of your word. Being a person…

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