Flannel May Be Warm And Fuzzy, But It’s Not Romantic

What does your wardrobe say about you?

Celebrate The Exceptional

love couple sitting on a benchThey used to say that clothes made the man or woman, but not everyone believes that anymore. People may dress up when going out, but the home front can be a sore for sighted eyes. Sure you want to be comfortable at home. Who wants to think about what to wear when no one can see you? No one except your sweetheart, that is. Clothes that are holey, frayed, billowing, bulging, or hanging aren’t sexy. Instead of wearing clothes that are worn and boring, try to find some that are stylish and comfortable. Maybe even just a little sexy.

And while you’re at it, just because you’re under the covers, it doesn’t mean that you’re invisible. Flannel may be warm and fuzzy, but it’s not romantic  . . . especially if there are layers upon layers of it. You don’t want to be chilly, but you also don’t want  to be unavailable. What you wear…

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