In A Time Of Crisis Can You Rely On Your Sweetheart?

You Are Not A Trash Can

FreeSadly, you may be in a crisis or maybe more than one. You may be feeling that no matter how blue the skies are today, it’s going to rain on your parade at some point. When that happens you should be able to use your sweethearts shoulder to cry on but sometimes for one reason or another they let you down. If the crisis thunders by quickly, the relationship will surely hold, but if it lingers it could  pull you further and further apart until the relationship breaks. And in a hurricane of events, even the most solid of duos may find themselves straining to hold their relationship together.

When you’re under stress, it’s easy to take your sweetheart for granted, but that may leave you blind-sided by a blow from somewhere that you least expect it. If your relationship has never been test by one of life’s more serious curves, don’t assume that you know…

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Put More Of Yourself In Every Shared Moment

You Are Not A Trash Can

Take My PictureLove is like a garden and unless you tend to it, you’ll never reap the full rewards that it brings. The ground needs to be tilled with kindness, because if is too hard, love’s seed can’t spout up. The seeds have to be planted with care if they are to penetrate your heart. Love needs to be watered with kind words and compliments. 

Love longs for your undivided attention just as the weeds of pettiness and lies must be pulled from the field of love. The fruits of love need time to grow and cannot be picked until they are ripe. If you don’t put the required effort into your garden of love, you can be certain that the weeds will invade and your garden will yield little in the way of love. But if you work at it, you’ll find a bumper crop of love waiting for you to…

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Don’t Let Your Sweetheart’s Snoring Ruin Your Romance

Those foibles that your sweetheart has they had them long before you met. It’s not something that he or she does to try to make you upset or go nuts. It’s not personal.

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Last KissDoes your sweetheart have some foibles that drive you crazy?  This is part of being in a relationship and those foibles were  a part of them way before you came along.  No, really in all likelihood, each foible was part of your sweetheart long before you met. It’s not something that he or she does just to drive you nuts. Why does she always forget her keys? Why does he have to check his apps notifications while he is driving? Why does he leave the kitchen cupboard doors open all the time? After all it’s not that hard to close a door is it?

These are questions that you may end up asking yourself to the end of time and never get an answer. We all have our good points, but they’re paired with the bad ones. Without that mix, we’d be boring. With it, we can be taxing. What makes it all worthwhile is the love the…

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Look Into Your Sweethearts Eyes

That’s right we can’t look into our sweethearts eyes enough and we can’t ever tell them that we love them to many times just ask anyone who as lost their sweetie

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Your eyes can express feelings that words cannot, your eyes say, “I missed you,”  “I’m angry with you”,  “I adore you.” or “I trust you.”  Your partner knows how you really feel with or without words. And when you use your eyes with your words, they add an emphasis that can’t be missed.

Eye contract is vital in every relationship. When spoken into space , the words “I love you” lose half their meaning, maybe even all of it. (Unless you’re on the phone, of course.) It’s when you say those words while looking into your sweethearts eyes that they mean the most.

So, try to spend some time each day looking into each other’s eyes, you’ll be expressing yourselves in a way that words cannot duplicate. Maybe you were across the room and your eyes met. Maybe that’s how it began. soon you communicated with words and with your bodies, but…

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Listen To Your Partners Advice

Listen to your partners advice doesn’t mean you have to follow through or agree with it it just means that you are showing them respect and that’s a good thing we all want to be repected

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Help doesn’t have to be physical and sharing doesn’t mean losing control. But a loved one’s support can mean everything in coping with life’s problems. So when your partner offers a lifeline and you’re tempted to toss itaside, look into the eyes of the person holding the other end and grab on. If you are in a relationship that means the two of you are in it for the good times and the hard times. If you are use solving your problems yourself, even a minor crisis may cause you to shut your psyche up tight like a clam.

But if your partner loves you, he or she is going to sense that something is wrong, even without knowing what it is. Your partner wants to help you get through this. If you lock up your feelings refuse your partner’s help, it may cause rift. If it happens over and over…

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Rediscover The Harmony In Your Life

Harmony is the spiritual balance in any good relationship. So give thanks for the harmony you have, develop the harmony that’s missing, and nuture the harmony that you have

You Are Not A Trash Can

A man should find himself before he finds a womanHarmony is the spiritual beauty of any intimate relationship and the elegant coexistence, peaceful compatibility, a similarity of frequency. It’s knowing that you share the same view of the world, that what you want out of life runs along parallel lines. It’s looking at your sweetheart and being able to say to yourself,”We stand for the same things, don’t we? “We may encounter some rough spots, but at heart we both share the same values.”

In relationships, harmony is a gift of the spirit. It is a mystic similarity of essence that allows you to operate both separately and together from knowing that between you there is a sacred resonance. In a sense, it’s the very reason you chose each other in the first place, if there weren’t a certain degree of harmony between you, you wouldn’t have thrown your lot in together and established a relationship. When there’s harmony you can…

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Be Careful Who You Hook Up With!

Your friends affect your future and every relationship you have will either sweep you towards your destiny or detour you away from it.

You Are Not A Trash Can

FriendshipThe following is a list of people you should not hook up with:

  • Those who think you are their problem.
  • Those that don’t value what you consider important.
  • Those who are not teachable.
  • Those who ignore your wants. 
  • Those who weaken your faith.
  • Those who hate what you love.

Here is a list of 5 principles of Relationships

  • Your friends affect your future.
  • Every relationship is either a weed or a flower.
  • Every relationship you have is either a weakness or a strength.
  • Every relationship you have is a current that sweeps you towards your destiny or moves you away from it. 
  • Your relationship should expand your vision of your future not keep you in the past.

The life you are living today is the result of a conversation you had yesterday. Your conversation reveals whether you are a winner or a loser.

  • A loser majors on problems and a…

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