Don’t Let Your Sweetheart’s Snoring Ruin Your Romance

Those foibles that your sweetheart has they had them long before you met. It’s not something that he or she does to try to make you upset or go nuts. It’s not personal.

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Last KissDoes your sweetheart have some foibles that drive you crazy?  This is part of being in a relationship and those foibles were  a part of them way before you came along.  No, really in all likelihood, each foible was part of your sweetheart long before you met. It’s not something that he or she does just to drive you nuts. Why does she always forget her keys? Why does he have to check his apps notifications while he is driving? Why does he leave the kitchen cupboard doors open all the time? After all it’s not that hard to close a door is it?

These are questions that you may end up asking yourself to the end of time and never get an answer. We all have our good points, but they’re paired with the bad ones. Without that mix, we’d be boring. With it, we can be taxing. What makes it all worthwhile is the love the…

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