Listen To Your Partners Advice

Listen to your partners advice doesn’t mean you have to follow through or agree with it it just means that you are showing them respect and that’s a good thing we all want to be repected

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Help doesn’t have to be physical and sharing doesn’t mean losing control. But a loved one’s support can mean everything in coping with life’s problems. So when your partner offers a lifeline and you’re tempted to toss itaside, look into the eyes of the person holding the other end and grab on. If you are in a relationship that means the two of you are in it for the good times and the hard times. If you are use solving your problems yourself, even a minor crisis may cause you to shut your psyche up tight like a clam.

But if your partner loves you, he or she is going to sense that something is wrong, even without knowing what it is. Your partner wants to help you get through this. If you lock up your feelings refuse your partner’s help, it may cause rift. If it happens over and over…

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