Look Into Your Sweethearts Eyes

That’s right we can’t look into our sweethearts eyes enough and we can’t ever tell them that we love them to many times just ask anyone who as lost their sweetie

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Your eyes can express feelings that words cannot, your eyes say, “I missed you,”  “I’m angry with you”,  “I adore you.” or “I trust you.”  Your partner knows how you really feel with or without words. And when you use your eyes with your words, they add an emphasis that can’t be missed.

Eye contract is vital in every relationship. When spoken into space , the words “I love you” lose half their meaning, maybe even all of it. (Unless you’re on the phone, of course.) It’s when you say those words while looking into your sweethearts eyes that they mean the most.

So, try to spend some time each day looking into each other’s eyes, you’ll be expressing yourselves in a way that words cannot duplicate. Maybe you were across the room and your eyes met. Maybe that’s how it began. soon you communicated with words and with your bodies, but…

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