Love blossoms in a rainbow of colors

If love’s flame is burning low then turn up the heat!

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Mrs & MrLoves meanings come in a broad array of words but the words “I love you” stand head and shoulders above the rest and that’s when those three little words convey the feelings that two hearts are beating as one. But romantic love blossoms in a rainbow of  colors and words that changes hues every second of every hour. So when you say “I love you” to each other take care to since the words real meaning. Remember being a kid playing with a chemistry set? Some experiments worked, some fizzled. When we become adults we discover that some relationships work, while others fail to bubble.  The secret to any chemical reaction is putting in enough energy for the molecules to ignite.

When two people fall in love, a chemical process bubbles up, and from their love and entirely new love is created. While the two remain individuals and lead their separate lives, when they are together they’re…

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Acknowledge The Little Things

Remember to thank your sweetheart when he or she does even the smallest act of kindness even if it’s fixing you a cup of coffee don’t take anything for granted . . . just ask someone who has lost their sweetie!

You Are Not A Trash Can

I Heart YouYou’ve been taught to say “thank you” for presents, but do you acknowledge the little presents your sweetheart gives you every day? You can never say thank you enough or be thanked enough. Grand gestures are fun and they can make your heart soar. But if they only happen once or twice a year what’s the fun in that? Little gestures are not as splashy and they might even go unnoticed. Sometimes it seems like if it wasn’t for the raindrops the oceans would soon be empty and doing small acts of kindness for the one you love or receiving kindness from them can be like raindrops that keep your reservoir of love flowing.

When people lose their sweetheart whom they’ve loved dearly, it’s not the grand gestures that they miss. It’s the little things. It’s the nightly kiss goodnight. It’s the vase with just one flower in it that they gave you just because…

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You Deserve To Bathe In Loves Glow

Sometimes love can be understood and other times it’s complex

You Are Not A Trash Can

love (2)Love is complex all by itself and it’s not an emotion that can readily be understood. You can’t take it apart to analyze it and it doesn’t become any clearer when seen through a microscope.  Many men enjoy complexity and life is like a giant puzzle they’re itching to solve, and the more pieces, the better. That’s fine if they are building something in their workshops, tinkering with their cars, or driving to some unknown destination, but is doesn’t always work so well when assembling love.

Just because love exists doesn’t mean that it can be understood. So accept love’s simplicity and appreciate it without an examination. Accept it as it is. Accept each other and your singular. Think of it this way love is like a coat of many colors. You put it on and bathe in its glow. You don’t have to understand anything. You don’t have to see how the pieces fit they just do for the…

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love Is A Mystery

Having a relationship is about loving and being loved, feeling preciously and deliciously connected the your sweetheart, a place for your heart to be safe . . . so why settle for less?

You Are Not A Trash Can

Last KissLove is a mystery, the essence of it is almost angelic. It’s very nature goes beyond what we can understand by any of the systems through which we usually comprehend reality. It both binds and frees us. It opens our hearts and breaks our hearts. It can  neither be seen, except in the eyes of the beloved, nor felt, except in the heart of the one who is cherished.

In visible, its absence leaves us gray hearted, wounded in spirit, while its presence transforms our hearts, our psyches, and our lives. Many seek love without knowing what it is, knowing they will know when they find it. This is the true mystery of love, that no matter how much we are unable to describe it, we always recognize it when we experience it. Sometimes love comes to stay, nourished and coddled by the feelings and efforts of those who have invited it in. Love infuses itself into relationships by means that are beyond our invention or imagining . 

But if it is…

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