Love blossoms in a rainbow of colors

If love’s flame is burning low then turn up the heat!

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Mrs & MrLoves meanings come in a broad array of words but the words “I love you” stand head and shoulders above the rest and that’s when those three little words convey the feelings that two hearts are beating as one. But romantic love blossoms in a rainbow of  colors and words that changes hues every second of every hour. So when you say “I love you” to each other take care to since the words real meaning. Remember being a kid playing with a chemistry set? Some experiments worked, some fizzled. When we become adults we discover that some relationships work, while others fail to bubble.  The secret to any chemical reaction is putting in enough energy for the molecules to ignite.

When two people fall in love, a chemical process bubbles up, and from their love and entirely new love is created. While the two remain individuals and lead their separate lives, when they are together they’re…

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