The Value Of A Smile

Go Coast GuardIt only takes but a moment to smile, but the memory of it can last forever and none are so richly that we can get along without a smile. Smiles enriches those that receive without making poorer those who give. A smile creates sunshine in the home and fosters good will in business. A smile is the best antidote for trouble and it cannot be begged, borrowed, or stolen. A smile is of no value unless it is freely given away. When people are too busy to give you a smile . . .  give them yours.

For the Good Lord knows that no one needs a smile so badly as he or she who has no more smiles to give you. We all smile when everything is going our way, but the one smile that is most worthwhile is the one you give away when you don’t want because everything is going wrong and you gladly do it anyway.

Author Unknown

There Will Be No Lifetime Exactly Like This One

Which WayThere will be no love, no sweetheart, exactly like this one the man who pronounces your name in just such a way, with his beautiful voice, the man who brings flowers, whose words move your heart so tremblingly softly, whose arms holds you this way and they way, embracing, consoling, protecting: the woman whose fragrance enchants you, whose head on your chest when you sleep is the sweet weight of bliss, whose kisses are blessings, whose laughter is sunlight, whose smile is pure grace.

There will be no lifetime exactly like this one, no other, not ever again, not this birth, not this particular story, this mother and father, these houses and walls, these strangers and friends . Oh! And how you are moved by it all, with such beauty, touching each other, dancing, stepping, curtsying, bowing across all the stages, filling the rooms of your lives with this joy,  this sweet love. There will be no other way to live this life, only the way you have chosen to live it and with whom moment to moment. This moment , this day, this relationship, this life, are all unique, exquisite, unrepeatable. Like every  moment as if you, indelibly, knew this.

The Journey Of Love Is One Of Many Sweet Knowings

Celebrate The Sweet Life

Seasons of LoveThe journey of love is a journey of many sweet knowings. It is the sweet bliss, in first love, of discovering all your love’s little secrets, her favorite flower and fragrance, the color that sets off her eyes so; his plaid flannel shirt, the way he laces up his boots, his shaving brush, and that one wild hair in his eyebrow; the scent of her skin, the feel of her hair, the drawer she keeps her lingerie in.

It’s later, the being together of love, the sound of the key as he locks up the house, of the rain in the shower each morning, as, singing, she washes her hair. It is how she rolls over at night in bed, how he sleeps, like a saint, with his hands folded over his chest; it is what he can fix; what she can mend.

And it is the changing, this way and that way. Arguing. There are the…

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