Wait . . . what? What is an Authentic Voice?

Whether they’re words you’ve already written or thoughts you’ve never let out, blogging or journaling infuse the pages with your own voice and see where life takes you

You Are Not A Trash Can

An authentic voice is when we are being 100 per cent ourselves, without fear or reservation. Think about the person you are when you are with your friends, spouse, or your children, and your family. Are you consistently the same or do you change according to who your audience is or how they respond? Have you discovered your authentic voice? Think of how you speak on the phone, the voice you use when you are typing an email, or the words you chose when telling a story at the dinner table. Have you ever tried journeying? Or maybe you’re a blogger who hasn’t found your voice yet.  If so try this little exercise. Think of a memory or story  now call your mom or best friend and tell them the story. 

You can start out by saying. “Hey, remember when.  . . ? or , “Did I ever tell you the story about the time . . .? Once you finish the…

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