Ten Big Things To Remeber During The Ups and Downs Of Life . . .

be-yourself-When life puts a mountain in your way don’t forget you’ve faced mountains before. Don’t be afraid. You’re strong. Just start climbing. Imagine yourself reaching your goal. Changing your attitude can free you or keep you bound. You have what it takes . You have your spirit, mind and body. You have wisdom to know how to compensate. Cry is you want. Kick and scream. It’s okay. Get it out of your system then check your worries at the gate. Remember  . . . it’s just another mountain. You’ve climbed mountains before, and you will climb this one. You can do it. Absolutely!

Ten Things to Remember During The Ups and Downs After Calling Your Best Friend . . .

  1. Your life is a gift to you. Appreciate this gift with all your heart.
  2. Know that God is always with you. Pray to Him often, Listen to His guidance, and don’t forget to thank Him for your blessings.
  3. Respect yourself and make wise choices about your life.
  4. A balanced life is based on give and take. Give joyfully out of your own need, and you will draw whatever you need to you.
  5. You’re thoughts, words, and actions paint the total picture of who you are. Be good as your word, and be good.
  6. Treat others as you want to be treated, no matter how they’ve treated you . . .
  7. Don’t judge others. Don’t try to change others especially your sister or your best friend; it won’t work. You’ll have enough trouble changing yourself.
  8. When you’re down, get up and try again. Whatever you’re going through will look different on another day.
  9. If you wrong someone, ask forgiveness, and when someone wrongs you, be quick to forgive.
  10. Choose to love others, for when you show love, you are making a positive difference and don’t forget to call your best friend.

I hope you will look at all your good qualities and realize how important you are to those who love you. Start reflecting on your own attitudes, your accomplishments, and all the things that make you who you are. I know you will find ways to make the difficult times easier, your cares lighter, and the days brighter. I pray that revelations and secrets will unfold for you to make a difference as you tap into that source of strength I know is within you, that place where hope and courage lives  and new dreams are born.  I hope you will connect with the kind of faith that helps you to reach your desired goals.

~Granny In Training~

“Change Your Habits Change Your Life”

Good Habits Bad HabitsA major key to experiencing success in our lives is found in making good habits, and breaking bad ones. In other words it’s a “make or break” principle for us. We all have habits. Some of them are good and some are bad. The good ones benefit us and add joy and power to our lives, while the bad ones do nothing but steal our peace and joy and prevent our success.

The truth is we all have things about ourselves we’d like to change. And no matter what they are e, when we can’t seem to stop or even slow down unwanted habits, it can be very discouraging. Some people respond to this discouragement by making excuses for why they can’t change.

Others decide that they’ve failed because they didn’t read the right book or on the right program. And some just give up and refuse to try again.

I want to give you a fresh perspective today it’s not a new one, in fact it goes all the way back to the beginning of time and hopefully you’ll experience  an aha moment  like I did when I read this.

The entire Bible takes place in an agricultural world . . . that’s why Jesus used so many examples about farming, planting and gardening.Maria and Friends

For example, a farmer goes to bed every night trusting that the seed he planted in the ground will produce fruit. His life depends on it. No matter how great last season’s harvest was, his future depends on his seed producing again this season. It may seem simple, but he knows if he plants corn, he’ll get corn. If he plants wheat, he’ll get wheat. And if he doesn’t plant at all, he won’t get a crop.

Here’s how this principle works in our lives . . .

Today, we can get so busy that our days turn into weeks . . .  weeks turn into  months . . . and months turn into years as we cruise along without realizing that we either aren’t planting for the future or we’re planting things that won’t yield a good “crop” in our lives.

Sometimes we can become discouraged by current situations in life without realizing we’re simply reaping what we’ve sown. If this is the case for you . . . there is hope for change and for letting go of the old habits and that have keep you from the life you long for.

Good habits lay the foundation for any other habit we need or want to develop. What's Your FoundationWhat is your number one priority  ? Is it your job, children, looks, material things, or taking care of a loved one? These are all important and honorable.

In order to be successful in developing good habits, it’s going to require commitment on your part to do whatever it takes to succeed and start planting the right seeds into your life.Your Past Is The Past

As you do this each day, you’ll find focusing on good habits not only establishes good behaviors you want in your life but also helps you break the bad habits in the process. As you are thinking about your choices remember that God has a plan for your life and wants you to prosper.

What’s your motivation to change a bad habit to a good habit is it health, money, love, children, material things, ego or God? The right kind of “farming” starts with planting the right  seeds.

What seeds are you planting are they seeds of love or seeds of selfishness? Where does your love, health, money, children, material things, ego come from?