Love Shouldn’t Be Blue

Head GamesWhat’s the color of your love? Is it flaming hot red or is sad blue?  Even flaming hot red Love “Wilts” without smiles, it drops under the weight of tears. It grows pale when it’s kept indoors. Storms of anger can melt away as quickly as they boil up. Feelings of sadness or anguish can be longer lasting. And injured heart can do as much damage to emotions as ethereal as love, as an outraged spleen can do to all your emotions.

If you’re drowning under waves of blue, you must learn how to swim for shore.Depression puts your whole life in shadows and prevents you from letting your love shine through to the people you want the most to see it. It’s okay to feel sad once in a while. It’s part of the human condition. The death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, the onset of a physical illness, even the loss of a valued object can make you cry and feel miserable for a time.

But eventually you do get over these blue moments. When nothing sets off your sadness and instead it’s a constant shadow, then it gets another name :depression. If you can’t shake off the blues by yourself, seek professional help. Remember, it’s not just your life that is miserable, your constant flow of river of tears could also be drowning you relationship. And if your partner is the one who’s always down, don’t just allow yourselves to drift apart because of it. If he or she can’t get help, then do whatever it takes to make certain they get the help they need.Do it for them, because you love them, but also do it for the two of you.

Tip: While anger boils up quickly, makes itself noticed, and then evaporates, depression sneaks in on little feet and makes itself comfort and won’t leave. Because of its quiet nature, it’s easy to overlook. If you or your loved one, are acting differently, especially if you’re sleeping a lot more than usual, then don’t hesitate to go to a doctor. It’s better to call in a false alarm than to let depression do even more damage because it’s ignored. 

Play Your Love Song

Others may share your song, but when you set the music playing,for that moment it’s all yours . . . not just for one of you, but both of you. Sing you song

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Sing Your SongRemember your song? The one the two of you danced to at you wedding? Or the song that was blasting on your car radio on your way to the beach? Or the song the two of you sang  karaoke night on your first date? Of all the sounds that fill the air, piercing through the cacophony of life, this tune provides the two of you with the happiest sound of all. Yes love requires occasionally peace and quiet to prosper, it can also thrive surrounded by your happy love song. Don’t allow your song to disappear into the ether. Use it to communicate the love you have for each other; maybe even play it every day.

perhaps you could use it to wake up to every morning or listen to it right before you go to bed. Use it as the background of your voicemail. Whistle it while you’re preparing dinner. Others may share your song, but when you set…

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An Extraordinary Friendship

Friends make life so much brighter make sure you thank them for brightening up your life

You Are Not A Trash Can

Everyone has baggageGreat friends are hard to find, harder to hang on to and the hardest to let go of. So hold on to them for dear life. They are a priceless treasure. The times when you ride high and the times you sink to your lowest their friendship is like elastic that snaps back to center. They understand that when you have a problem that you don’t want a solution, advice or even sympathy. You need someone to listen. They are your lighthouse in a storm. They guide your through treacherous seas and light the way for your voyage home.

They are the kind of friend who is honest enough to warn you when you are about to make a big mistake and kind enough not to tease you when you make it anyway. Isn’t it funny how two ordinary people can find in each other such and extraordinary friendship? Make sure that you thank them for the…

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Do You Ever Get Angry With Yourself?

In the bash and crash of daily life it’s easy to forget why we love one another don’t let your anger get in the way of the way you love people or yourself

You Are Not A Trash Can

Busy WomenHave you ever gotten angry at yourself because you forgot to put your cell phone in your purse? Or you made a scratch with your key on  your car door, and thought, “How could I be so careless?”

If you get angry with yourself or if someone at work makes you angry or another driver ticks you off, that anger may end up being directed at the person you love. Even if the tirade of fiery words is not directed at anyone in particular, it will make those nearby uncomfortable. If that happens, an apology is in order.

As quickly as that apology is spoken, its acceptance should follow. This isn’t a fight where defenses need go up. This is a case of collateral damage. since the intent to harm wasn’t there and the harm was negligible, it needs to be put aside as quickly as possible. If you have a short fuse, then be…

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Do You Really Need to Fire Your Verbal Machine Gun?

In the bash and crash of daily life sometimes it’s very easy indeed to forget why we love one another and regret saying unkind words to the ones we love the most

You Are Not A Trash Can

Be RealBefore you fire your verbal machine gun it’s important to investigate the maturity of your emotional output. Just because you feel like saying something doesn’t mean it has to be said in the way or at exactly the moment you feel like saying it. Remember, your relationship is a precious thing that deserves to be preserved. Look for a more appropriate time and way to express your feelings so that your relationship will be enhanced rather than eroded or destroyed.

When you fight leave the kitchen sink in the kitchen. What I mean by this is don’t just throw things into the argument that don’t have anything to do with the issues at hand. Why bring up something that happened ten months ago that just adds confusion and  is not the right way to treat someone or anyone.

So no matter what you’re so furious about, try to resist the temptation to let it all hang out or to let the devil take the hindmost. It’s important…

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There Will Be No Lifetime Exactly Like This One

Which WayThere will be no love, no sweetheart, exactly like this one the man who pronounces your name in just such a way, with his beautiful voice, the man who brings flowers, whose words move your heart so tremblingly softly, whose arms holds you this way and they way, embracing, consoling, protecting: the woman whose fragrance enchants you, whose head on your chest when you sleep is the sweet weight of bliss, whose kisses are blessings, whose laughter is sunlight, whose smile is pure grace.

There will be no lifetime exactly like this one, no other, not ever again, not this birth, not this particular story, this mother and father, these houses and walls, these strangers and friends . Oh! And how you are moved by it all, with such beauty, touching each other, dancing, stepping, curtsying, bowing across all the stages, filling the rooms of your lives with this joy,  this sweet love. There will be no other way to live this life, only the way you have chosen to live it and with whom moment to moment. This moment , this day, this relationship, this life, are all unique, exquisite, unrepeatable. Like every  moment as if you, indelibly, knew this.

The Journey Of Love Is One Of Many Sweet Knowings

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Seasons of LoveThe journey of love is a journey of many sweet knowings. It is the sweet bliss, in first love, of discovering all your love’s little secrets, her favorite flower and fragrance, the color that sets off her eyes so; his plaid flannel shirt, the way he laces up his boots, his shaving brush, and that one wild hair in his eyebrow; the scent of her skin, the feel of her hair, the drawer she keeps her lingerie in.

It’s later, the being together of love, the sound of the key as he locks up the house, of the rain in the shower each morning, as, singing, she washes her hair. It is how she rolls over at night in bed, how he sleeps, like a saint, with his hands folded over his chest; it is what he can fix; what she can mend.

And it is the changing, this way and that way. Arguing. There are the…

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