“Become A Time Traveler”

Holding HandsWant a mini vacation that’s almost as fun as it was the first time around?  Try becoming a time traveler and still be home in time to pick up the kids from school. How far? Fix yourself a quick snack curl up in a quiet, comfortable spot, and break out your photos. Go all the way back. Baby pictures? How about that shot of you dancing naked in your crib or

 Here’s one. . . . Funny Prom Photomust have been Halloween. Oops! Sorry. I guess that was the style back then. Prom photos, wedding photos . . . that attractive shot of you in the hospital gown, looking like you just got run over by a Mac truck yet beaming nonetheless as you hold your first-born child.

Making time to put them in photo albums can be a challenge at any age.  My photo albums are fine, but the real treasure troves arePhoto Hat Boxs the six large girly cardboard  hat box’s that I  started storing a few photos in  nearly a decade ago that are full of memories and it seems like it will take four men and an act of Congress to move them from room to room. I went through the box’s a couple of weeks ago and spent hours pouring over photos, kindergarten master pieces, and yellowed birthday cards.  I had reached the bottom of the last hat box when the phone rang. Phone?  Wait . . . where was I? Looking around for my living room, it took a moment for the memories to fall away and for me to place myself back in the present. What time was it anyway? How long had I been gone . . .  I mean busy?

Take a trip down memory lane. You’ll not only enjoy a diversion from current stress, but you’ll also come away with a whole new perspective. Reliving those fond Kodak moments and being reminded, at the same time, just how fast time flies! May very well leave you with a new commitment to enjoy and cherish the time you have with your family today.

The Golden Princess

Baby Boomers are cruising to places like Alaska, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia, and Italy and where ever the cruise ships will take them.

My friend Ruby‘s nick name is the “Golden Princess.” Ruby announced to her family and friends that she has decided to go on a Princess cruise instead of going to a nursing home. When we asked her why? She quickly answered, “It’s better than a nursing home and cheaper too!

She went on to explain to me that a nursing home costs about 200 dollars per day. The cost aboard a Princess cruise? About 145 dollars per day(with senior-citizen discounts). Add 10 dollars per day for gratuitous, and you’re still ahead! Make that 15 dollars and the staff will be begging to treat you like a queen!

She considered these amenities:

1. Ten great meals a day (the last one at midnight even has an ice sculpture!). If you can’t make it to one of the great dinning rooms, you can order room service and have breakfast in bed every day of the week.

2. Free toothpaste, razors, soap, and shampoo.

3. TV repaired, lightbulbs changed, mattress replaced. Energetic young men and women will fix anything and everything and apologize for your inconvenience.

4. Free sheets and towels every day without asking.

5. Free housekeeping and friendly folks come in each day to clean the bathroom, make the bed, and vacuüm.

6. Three swimming pools, a work out room, free washers and dryers, all without maintenance fees or other costs.

7. Floor shows and other entertainment available every night.

8. The opportunity to meet new and interesting people every seven to fourteen days.

9. Treated like a customer, and not a patient. “Yes, ma’am! “Of course, ma’am!” Will there be anything else, ma’am?”

10.The opportunity to travel the seas and visit exotic places.

Like most baby boomers I’ve given serious thought about the golden years. I have decided that becoming a “Golden Princess” on a cruise ship is the most appealing way to go.