It’s Great To Reach For The Stars But You Might Only Get As Far As The Moon . . . That’s OK

Dance Me to the End of Love I

Have you ever experienced that love donates like an exploding star? A love that grew slowly and didn’t necessarily start out as brightly as a supernova but eventually delivered more energy over the long run? We all fall in love for a reason. Some say it’s because there is something so unique and rare in the person they love that no matter what their flaws, or shortcomings, they return again and again in their minds and thoughts to all the good and wonderful ineffable qualities which, for them anyway, is the essence of why they fell in love with them in the first place.

Perfection is a wonderful goal.

Always settling for second-best can lead to a lifetime of disappointment but since nobody is perfect, you could spend a lifetime searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right. So don’t you think that it makes sense to be with someone who you enjoy flaws and all and who enjoys your flaws and all?

It’s true they will not be perfect or even come close to the one you pictured as your “soul mate,” but there will definitely be some chemical reaction going on between you and your love for each other as it grows and bubbles and boils strongly. Perhaps! Would that chemical reaction be stronger with someone else? Maybe? But don’t be too quick to abandon a relationship because your partner doesn’t fit your description of the “soul mate” you were expecting to show up.

The French call that feeling of instantaneous love le coup de foundre, the lightning bolt. Luckily, the odds of being hit by a real lightning bolt are small. Maybe, the odds of being hit by le coup de foundre are also small, but at least it’s not the only way to find true love.

We live in a world of instant gratification there is no denying that because of the world of instant gratification many end up feeling less satisfied and blinded to a love that slowly builds up. That’s because their love bucket it so low. When someone’s love bucket is low they often end up being less satisfied because a relationship takes some work on the parts of both people. That means that both people have to come together in agreement and actually work at having or maintaining a relationship.

Think of it this way fast food doesn’t compare to a meal that takes hours to prepare. Ready-to-wear clothes never fit as well as those that are hand tailored. So just because a relationship takes some work on the parts of both people to come together it doesn’t mean that is filled with any less passion than one that sparked at a first glance. In the long run , it may actually provide a lot more heat than a relationship that starts off quickly but peters out just as fast as it began.




“The Perfect Boyfriend”

Top Hat and Over Coat Are you referred to as the woman who is “Shopping”?  Meaning looking for the ” perfect boyfriend”.  Are you working every angle you can to find him?  Here’s a little hint . . .  women who are known to be interesting and  perusing their own personal  goals are more appealing to men than the woman who is in hot pursuit. While you are waiting for Mr. Wonderful, you might enjoy playing this little game listed below.

To create your perfect boyfriend fill in the blanks on this page with the words called for. Then using the words you have selected, fill in the blank spaces to the story. Have fun creating your own hilarious lines and lighten up a little!

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend . . .







Plural Noun__________

Verb Ending in “ing”__________

Plural Noun___________




Celebrity  (Male) ____________

Verb Ending In “ing”__________

Now that you have selected your own words read the story below and fill in the blanks with the words you already selected above. Have fun!

Let’s imagine the perfect boyfriend. He would wake up every morning with a cheery_________. He would call you and send flowers _______times a day. He would rub your weary______after a/an_______day at the ____office. He would help you shop for ________without________  one bit. He would charm all of your girlfriends with his __________personality. He would never click over to a pro _________game while your watching your favorite chick flick called_________. And he wouldn’t be at all jealous of your obsession with________. Ladies, he is out there just________ for you!

“Dreams Can Come True It Can Happen To You”

Stella & DavidYou are special start picturing yourself being successful  instead of failing. See your strengths instead of only your “flaws.”You can replace all your doubt with hope and start transforming your disappointments into determinations.That is where your special gifts are. You can do something that makes more of a difference than money, fame or luck: You can believe dreams do come true, and your can, too!

This is a story about Stella who changed her disappointments into determinations and had a dream come true and if it can happen to her it can happen to you too! Stella owns a Vintage Victorian shop in Bouzigues. France, half an hour west of Montpellier. Her shop offers a bit of paradise to everyone who stops in to see her and the tourist love to come from all over to buy antiques from her.

It ‘s no surprise that Stella recognizes a real treasure when she finds one and evidently so did David as they stood in a vintage consignment shop that was mixed in among the beautiful high-end galleries. As Stella stood there admiring a vintage painting of a 17th century The French formal garden, also called jardin a`la francaise Stella noticed that the man admiring the same painting wasn’t wearing a wedding ring either. Stella was feeling out-of-place when she realized how she was dressed and it wasn’t exactly an out fit that would encourage a guy to ask a girl for her phone number or out for a cup a coffee. It was a Friday night and she was on her way to a local flea market and dressed in what she called her flea market cloths.

She had learned after many years of shopping for items to buy to resale in her shop that if she dressed a little shabby people seemed to show favor to her and she could haggle them down on the prices which always made her feel good but this Friday night she regretted not being dressed up but then again she hadn’t planned on meeting David.

At first Stella contemplated leaving when she realized that the handsome man in a well-cut suit would probably out bid her for the painting. She came to this conclusion based on the way the receptionist was eyeing her jeans and shabby blouse not to mention how frazzled her hair looked after riding a motor scooter around town with out a helmet on.

She thought to herself: How could she possibly win the receptionist over?  After all the man was exceptionally handsome and charming in a George Clooney kind of way. Before she knew it the man in the well-cut suit said, “David Morgan.”  I’m an appraiser as they shook hands.  She said, I hadn’t expected the appraiser to be tall, thirty-ish and so good-looking. He took the painting and said ” Nice landscape, I love the way the colors glow.” Don’t you? She wanted to say, I love the way your eyes glow when you look at this painting. He said, I admire the amber-toned wheat field and then glanced at her. Suddenly aware of how close to him she was standing, she stepped back. He studied the signature as he said, “I remember this picture it was part of an estate auction and the artist is pretty obscure.” Then he said, I need about an hour to research this painting to come up with a fair price for you, he went on to say if you leave your email or cell number I’ll call you in about an hour or so.

Stella handed him one of her business cards and went home. She was thrilled at the thought of having an hour of to put herself together and was hoping that she would  make a lasting impression on him. She knew exactly which dress to wear to gain his attention it was her new summer crêpe dress with its playful details on it. She paired  it with a pair of stacked sandals an oversized leather tote and added an  oversized stylish leather belt and matching hat.

Stella called her friend Bridget who is a make up artist and hair stylish to came over to do her hair and make up and when Bridget had finished Stella said, that she didn’t recognize the beauty looking back in her in the mirror. Bridget couldn’t help but notice that while she was doing what she does best making women look gorgeous Stella hadn’t stopped talking about David for even one second. So Bridget said, don’t forget to invite me to the wedding. Stella blushed and wrote down David Morgan is my husband thank you God.

David called Stella exactly when he said he would and they met back at the flea market but this time David looked like an unmade bed. Stella couldn’t help but to start blushing because she thought it was obvious that she had gotten all dazzled up to impress him. David took one look at her and said, vous allez faire une belle mariee bientot  translated into English means: you are going to make a beautiful bride soon Stella took his words as a sign and one year latter Bridget was her maid of honor. . . Isn’t God good she said?

“Ruth- Ann Is Gettin’ Hitched”


"Grace was in her steps,heaven in her eyes."

Late one night, Ruth- Ann came home from a date with her boyfriend.

Her crestfallen face was streaked with tears.” You look as gloomy as a treed coon”, said her mama. What’s wrong, darlin’?

“Billy- Ray proposed to me tonight,” Ruth Ann replied. “Well, hush my mouth!” her mama shouted with joy. “Ain’t that the bee’s knees! So why the long face?

” He don’t believe there’s a hell.” “Marry him anyway.” advised her mama. “Between the two of us, we’ll show him just how wrong he is!”

Happy Endings Like The Kiss At The End Of A Fairy Tale

We all want happy endings like the kiss at the end of the fairy tale, we’re all waiting for it. 

 Rick and Liz are a couple who have experienced a fairy tale ending. When they first met their eyes were filled with only each other and they hung on every word said totally captivated by the sound each others her voices.

On their first date he was too nervous to eat, but Liz helped  him to loosen up a bit by asking ,”So how was your day?” He kind of looked at her, a bit surprised, and said, “What do you mean?” She said, ‘I mean how was your day?”

To Liz, that was a more caring way to find out about a person’s life rather than just up and asking them what they do for a living. So Rick shared with her about a problem he’d had at work that day. Then he said, “you’re a business owner, what would you have done? She said, “Hmm. I would have handled it completely differently.” And then she gave him her opinion. He started laughing and said, “Uh, why don’t you tell me how you really feel?” She said, “If you want a different answer, ask a different girl.”

Rick said, Oh I apologize if I sounded condescending your answer has given me a lot to think about and maybe in the further you and I can explore other business options that I haven’t considered. Liz smiled and said she would like that. During their first date Liz noticed that Rick took her seriously, and she liked that.

On the way home they talked about current music, books, movies, obscure artists. They shook hands at the end of the night, which was totally typical for Liz. The next weekend Rick and Liz went out on their second date she wore a summer halter dress with funny green butterflies in her hair thinking if she was dressed like a carefree woman it would help to loosen up her type A control-freak personality.

When they got into Ricks bright red Mazda Miata ( which Liz liked even more than she liked Rick) she leaned forward and to tell Rick what route to take to the restaurant. Rick remained quiet while she gave him her instructions, and then he said two words to her that shifted the whole dynamic. Those two words were: “Nice Perfume.” Liz didn’t know exactly what happened in that moment, but it was certainly chemical. There was no other way to explain it. She turned around and looked out the window and thought, Oh my, I love him. 

They went to a romantic bistro down by the sea-shore, and sat in the outdoor garden. Liz looked across the table at him, and she was thinking, How did this happen, could I already be in love with him? All of her senses were firing. She knew that something was going on here and she had recognized something familiar in Rick.

Liz said, “What’s the story with you, what’s the issue? There’s something a little broken in you, she could feel it. She figured it takes one shattered spirit to know another, and in the middle of dinner he opened up to her about his complicated family relationships, old wounds that were magnified by the fact that he worked with his father and uncle in the family business. He told her that he wanted to leave and make his own success, but he felt a tremendous obligation to carry on what his grandfather had started, and he was pretty resentful of it all. Liz listened and then said, why don’t you come work for me? Rick smiled.

They talked until 4:00 about everything and nothing. At nine the next morning Liz’s door bell rang, she opened it and there were two dozen red roses. After that they started competing for who could out            romance the other, and it was intoxicating and explosive and yet at the end of each date they always shook hands. Rick and Liz were finally ready to embrace love with a grateful, open heart and had chosen the right person to throw their arms around for the rest of their lives.

 Many couples forge into marriage with a mindset of “What’s in it for me?” What am I going to get out of this?” They consciously or unconsciously seek to get instead of give. Rick and Liz learned a more loving and humble approach would be to ask. “What can I bring to this marriage?” and “What can I learn from my spouse?” Have you ever thought about the purpose marriage? 

The number one reason people get married is love,” They want to spend the rest of their life with the person” and the second reason is “To have kids.” Rick and Liz wanted to do both. Rick learned from Liz a better way to operate a business and Liz learned to let go of the need to be controlling they both leaned a better way to love. What’s the purpose of your marriage?


Best Friends Dance In The Moonlight

It is chance that makes sisters, but hearts that make friends. Our girlfriends are a reminder of the blessings that come from closeness and  sharing secrets. We Learn about life together. 

Our girlfriends are the ones who believe in us, the ones we can call on anytime, the ones who never lets us down. They fill a unique space in our lives. They have a piece of our very heart and soul and because of them we know without a doubt that love can get through anything.

Our girlfriends are the ones we feel whole with, the ones we share who we really are. They are the ones who know where we’re coming from. They are the ones who know all we’ve been through, and everything we dream about. We wouldn’t trade our friendships with them for anything. Nothing else could ever begin to bring us the contentment, the craziness, the laughter, and all the thousands of things we share. We understand that life isn’t always the brightest, and we take turns cheering each other up and sometimes we don’t need to apologize for our bad days.

Who else can we call at any hour of the day or night? Who else accepts and understands all of us no matter what comes along good or bad they’ll be there. Knowing this brings us great comfort. Doesn’t it?  We have a trust, honesty, and a history together that make us think of them as more than a friend.

They are the center of the circle of our lives and they are a precious part of so many yesterdays. With our girlfriends we don’t have to be fancy or talk in a special way. We don’t have to mind my manners or wear my best clothes and shoes. We don’t have to count calories or act like we are someone we aren’t. With our girlfriends we can cry or laugh out loud.

We can dance in the moonlight together. We can speak our mind or say nothing at all depending on our mood. We don’t have to try hard to impress them or think of important things to say. With our girlfriends everything is important. We can just be ourselves and we really appreciate that. Don’t we? 

 Girlfriends understand each other completely we will wear pretty dresses with flowers in our hair and hum songs to the beat of children’s laughter. We will say nothing at times and that silence will be our greatest solace. Other times we will talk for hours or until the sun sinks into night. We will remember then the days when life was defined by complexity and when we vowed our friendship would last a lifetime. Regardless if you are friends by chance or by heart don’t forget to dance in the moonlight!

Dare To Do Things Differently

As we go through life, there are danger signs everywhere: red lights and stop signs,speed bumps and blinking lights, and circles with a red line piercing our hearts.

When it comes to relationships, visible warning signs are few and far between. Sometimes the greatest perils come tiptoeing in sight unseen, and one of the most lethal of these sneaky assassins of ardor is boredom.

Before it drains the power of your love, sweep that gray fog of boredom aside by adding energy. In the same way the warming rays of the sun dissipate a fog, energy can pierce the grayness of your love. All you have to do is: converse, move, run, jump, ski, walk, go. It doesn’t matter where or how. All that matters is that you do something. The more you do, the further away you’ll push boredom, and the stronger your love and friendship will be. Beware, too, that sometimes boredom wears a disguise. It’s called routine. Routines are very necessary in life, especially when there’s so much to do, but they have a serious side effect, which is boredom.

The key to using routines wisely is to break them regularly instead of doing the expected, do the unexpected. If you always eat dinner at five, then one night a week, eat at eight or nine or ten. Every once in a while use your fingers instead of your fork and knife. If the thought creeps into your head to throw a grape at your love then do it!

 If you pass by him or her and they are washing their hands at the sink pull their pants down to their knees.  (Not in front of the kids). Sleep on the other side of the bed once in a while. Slip a $20 to a homeless person. Wear something unexpected to bed. Drive the long way home. It doesn’t matter what it is that you do that’s different it only matters that you do different things regularly.